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I possess a natural empathy and a desire to help people; whether that is to help ease the pain of chronic tension, to soothe the muscles following over-exertion or simply to relax and take away anxiety. I treat people holistically and as individuals

Amy Phillips - 07800 636266

Dekker Road, Dulwich Village. London. SE21 7DJ

My therapy room & prices:

I’m based in Dulwich Village, and have a tranquil space in my home; a dedicated therapy room which is a relaxing environment for me to treat my clients.

Opening hours:

I am amenable to providing out of hours treatments if a client specifically requires it, please get in touch if you require me to do this.

Monday/Tuesday: 10am until 9pm.
Wednesday: Closed.
Thursday/Friday: 10am until 9pm.
Saturday/Sunday: 10am until 5pm.

Cancellations: Please note that a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations otherwise they will be chargeable at full price. This does not apply if the reason for the cancellation is the onset of labour.

Gift vouchers are available, please contact Amy directly by email or text message and she can arrange to take payment and send the voucher to the required address.


Integrated massage
30 minutes: £25
60 minutes: £45
75 minutes: £55
90 minutes: £65
Pregnancy Massage:
60 minutes: £45
75 minutes: £55
90 minutes: £65
60 minutes: £45