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I possess a natural empathy and a desire to help people; whether that is to help ease the pain of chronic tension, to soothe the muscles following over-exertion or simply to relax and take away anxiety. I treat people holistically and as individuals

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Amy Phillips
I work holistically and view the mind and body as intrinsically interconnected.

I have been qualified as a Massage Therapist since 2001 I grew up in Skipton, North Yorkshire, where I qualified in Swedish Body Massage and Indian Head Massage before spending time travelling to far away places including Thailand. I fell in love with Thailand and it’s people, and specifically their ancient Massage techniques and I completed training at the Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai in 2004.

What I found most endearing and enlightening was the way in which Massage is truly a part of life in Thailand (and in many Eastern cultures) I watched as Mothers massaged their children and friends sat at the roadside, waiting for a bus and absent-mindedly massaging one another. It brought me to the conclusion that the Western world could really learn a lot from looking to the East from the importance they place on human touch.


I work holistically and view the mind and body as intrinsically interconnected. I view massage as a healing process that affects the recipient in psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical ways and something that shouldn’t be viewed as an indulgence, we all deserve to be nurtured!

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I have been going to Amy for months now and I can’t believe what a difference it has made to my life. I was a bag of nerves the first time I went and my super sensitive back showed it, I’ve always found back massage incredibly ticklish but that’s where I need it! Amy worked so slowly and expertly and put me so at ease that the sensitivity disappeared- something that had never happened before…She taught me to breath into the sensation and over time we realized that my back was holding an emotion from the past. As my back let go, so did my mind. I now trust her implicitly, my visits to her are real therapy, not just massage and ticklishness is a thing of the past. Anna
When I go to see her she does a fantastic mix of Swedish, Thai and hot stone massage and I always leave feeling much better than when I arrive. She takes the time to find out what I want each session - if there's something in particular that I want her to focus on, and doesn't just assume my need is the same each week. She's also very good at finding areas I've got so stiff even I can't spot there is a problem any more. Finally she's very good at working out when you want to chat and when you just want to switch off and relax - I tend to be quite chatty when I first arrive and then zone out a little and though never making me feel as if she is just chatting to be polite, she always lets the conversation drop when I pause. And if that wasn't enough her rates are very reasonable - I've paid much more for massages I've enjoyed less and found less beneficial. Laura
I visited Amy on a recent stay in Dulwich, how I wish I had known about her long ago. I found the experience not only relaxing but also restorative and regenerating. In past times I have been fairly cynical about the benefits of holistic treatments, Amy in one session changed that perception. Amy has a calm space and manner which are conducive to allowing a feeling of safety and well being. She was knowledgeable and insightful as to what my needs were which added to the overall impact her treatments had. I will be back in Dulwich later this year and will be making sure a visit to Amy is on top of my list of things to do. Without hesitation I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a professional, caring treatment using a variety of different techniques tailored to your individual requirements. Marion
The relief I felt after my most recent massage was like entering a parallel universe! Deep relaxation with an almost spiritual feeing of contentment! I couldn't recommend Amy highly enough...a miracle worker. Cheers me dear! Carl
I've been going to Amy for massage treatments for the past couple of years, including throughout my pregnancy. I have been really happy with all massage treatments received, be it for general relaxation, specific aches/pains/injuries or to relieve pregnancy niggles. Amy has always tailored the massage to what I have needed at the time and always has the room prepped with lovely oils burning and music playing to match the reason for booking an appointment. I always leave feeling like a new person and have no hesitation in recommending Amy! Kim N
Hi, I would like to tell everyone on the forum how wonderful the massage was that I had yesterday... I have suffered with back and neck pain for years and although I've always found massage to be helpful, I've NEVER experienced a relief like I had after my treatment with Amy! Honestly, she has healing hands, she's personable and warm and highly empathetic and her therapy room is like a mini sanctuary for relaxation. She is often busy, which is a good reflection of her highly honed skills, so if anyone needs some healing, relaxation or just some good old pampering, I would definitely urge you to go and see her. LouLou
Amy's style of massage is very different to any I've had before. She is so precise in moving the knots of tension that it feels like she is gentle, but at the same time her subtle approach is pain free, deeply relaxing and so very effective I am a complete convert. I first had pregnancy massage with her and relished in her gentle nurturing touch, and even after the baby I found I didn't want someone pummelling at me and causing more pain than I began with. Amy sorted out my breast-feeding shoulders whilst I just zoned out with complete trust - perfect. Claire